Console games

This information is gathered from diverse sources both on- and offline. Part of it is based on information from the now defunct Cave-STG forum. It is divided by platform; Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation 1&2, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and mobile games.

Sega Saturn

Release dateTitlePublisherRegionProduct IDAdditional info
11/10/95Touge: King the Spirits
Atlus JapanT-14401GOriginal price: 6,090円
Atlus – Touge: King the Spirits
1996High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge
AtlusUST-14402GThe U.S. release of Touge: King the Spirits
04/26/96Donpachi 「首領蜂」Atlus JapanT-14405GOriginal price: 6,090円
Atlus – DoDonPachi
04/18/97Touge: King the Spirits 2
「峠KING・ザ・スピリッツ 2」
Atlus JapanT-14412GOriginal price: 6,090円
Atlus – Touge: King the Spirits 2
09/18/97Dodonpachi 「怒首領蜂」AtlusJapanT-14419GOriginal price: 6,090円
Atlus – DoDonPachi
10/23/97Steep Slope SlidersPack-in-softJapanT-9112G
12/18/97Steep Slope SlidersSegaUS81128?
1998Steep Slope SlidersSegaEUMK81128-50?
09/17/98Dodonpachi (Saturn Collection) 「怒首領蜂(サターンコレクション)」AtlusJapanT-14424GOriginal price: 2,940円
Atlus – DoDonPachi (Saturn Collection)
10/22/98Steep Slope SlidersPack-in-softJapanT-9116G
Release dateTitlePublisherRegionProduct IDAdditional info

Microsoft Xbox 360

Release dateTitlePublisherRegionCatalog No.
05/26/11Akai Katana Shin 「赤い刀 真」Limited EditionCAVEJapan7XJ-00002
05/26/11Akai Katana Shin 「赤い刀 真」Regular EditionCAVEJapan7XJ-00001
05/15/12Akai Katana ShinRising Star GamesNorth America
05/15/12Akai Katana ShinRising Star GamesEurope53227
07/14/12Akai Katana Shin 「赤い刀 真」Cave The BestCAVEJapan
04/23/09Deathsmiles 「デススマイルズ」 Limited EditionCAVEJapanAWD-00002
04/23/09Deathsmiles 「デススマイルズ」 Regular EditionCAVEJapanAWD-00001
04/08/10Deathsmiles 「デススマイルズ」 Platinum EditionCAVEJapanAWD-00004
06/29/10Deathsmiles Limited EditionAksys GamesNorth AmericaB003E6VK5Q
09/28/10Deathsmiles Regular EditionAksys GamesNorth AmericaB0042VX73U
02/18/11Deathsmiles Deluxe EditionRising Star GamesEurope52626
05/27/10Deathsmiles IIX 「デススマイルズII X」 Limited EditionCAVEJapan2RF-00002
05/27/10Deathsmiles IIX 「デススマイルズII X」 Regular EditionCAVEJapan2RF-00001
05/17/11Deathsmiles2 XCAVEJapan / U.S.A.Xbox LIVE (DLC)
05/24/11Deathsmiles2 XCAVEJapan / North AmericaXbox LIVE (DLC)
11/10/11Deathsmiles2 X 「デススマイルズII X」 Platinum EditionCAVEJapan2RF-00004

Mobile games

Release dateTitlePublisherRegionProduct IDAdditional info