CAVE Shooting History

These translations and interviews are written by blackoak from, and displayed here at with blackoaks approval.

1. Makoto Asada
2. Junya Inoue
3. Manabu Namiki
4. Takashi Ichimura
5. Hiroyuki Tanaka
6. Shinobu Yagawa
7. Hideki Nomura
8. Akira Wakabayashi
9. Tsuneki Ikeda
10. Bonus! Cave Facts!

These interviews appeared in the Cave Shooting History book, which was sold directly by Cave in 2010 to commemorate their 16 years of STG development.

In addition to interviews, it also contains an extensive collection of design art and annotated photos from their various matsuri events. The book is long since out of print now, but used copies appear on ebay from time to time.