Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label PCB

Welcome to the PCB database section, where we list serial numbers. The reason for this database is to get some kind of idea on how many PCB:s and production runs CAVE made for each of their arcade game. Do you want to participate? Please submit your PCB serial number in the following form.

#SerialOwnerOther infoVersion
DDB-00101Seen at YJ
DDB-50004Seen at YJSeen 2018-01-11
DDB-80103Sold at YJ (2018-10-12)
DDB-10101Seen at TopsSeen at Tops 2018-11-21
DDB-50002Seen at Tops 2019-11-27
DDB-00200Seen at TopsSeen 2/28/2021