Arcade games

This information is taken from the now defunct forum “Cave STG”, and this page is divided into three different sections: Arcade games, Matsuri games & Puzzle games. Contact us if you have any other information that you think should be added to the list. Cheers!

ReleaseTitleDeveloperHardwareOther notes
05/xx/95Donpachi Atlus 1GEN
03/xx/96 DoDonPachi Atlus 1GEN
04/xx/98 ESP RA.DEAtlus 1GEN
09/xx/98 Dangun FeveronNihon System1GEN
09/xx/98Feveron S.O.S. (Int)Nihon Systems1GEN
07/xx/99Guwange Atlus1GEN
04/11/01Progear (No Arashi)Capcom CPS2
04/17/02DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-JouAMI PGM
10/25/02DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou Black LabelAMI PGM
01/28/03Ketsui ~ Kizuna Jigoku TachiAMI PGM
11/13/03Espgaluda AMI PGM
11/19/04Mushihimesama AMI SH3
06/24/05Ibara AMISH3
11/25/05Espgaluda IIAMISH3
02/10/06Ibara Kuro ~ Black LabelAMISH3Limited to around 200 PCBs.
Ibara Kuro review
04/20/06Pink Sweets ~ Ibara SorekaraAMISH3A bug-fixed version exists (indicated by 4 dots after the MASTER VER date) [2006/04/06 MASTER VER]
05/19/06Pink Sweets ~ Ibara SorekaraAMISH3Removes infinite lives trick, fixes some bugs [2006/05/17 MASTER VER].
10/27/06 Mushihimesama Futari AMISH3
12/19/06Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.5AMISH3
04/26/07Muchi Muchi Pork!AMISH3
10/19/07Deathsmiles AMISH3
12/20/07Mushihimesama Futari Black LabelAMISH3Limited to 150 PCBs
05/22/08Dodonpachi DaifukkatsuAMISH3b
06/24/08Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu ver 1.5AMISH3b
10/10/08Deathsmiles Mega Black LabelAMISH3b
05/14/09Deathsmiles II : Makai no Merry ChristmasCAVECustom
01/20/10Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black LabelAnnexSH3b
04/20/10Dodonpachi Daioujou TamashiiIGS PGM2
08/19/10Akai KatanaAnnexSH3b
05/28/11Mushihimesama Cave Matsuri Ver 1.5Cave Online ShopSH3
04/20/12Dodonpachi SaidaioujouCAVESH3b
07/24/12Akai Katana Shin for NESiCA LiveCAVETaito NESiCA Live system

Special Matsuri & Home use-only games

ReleaseTitleDeveloperHardwareOther notes
xx/xx/97Dodonpachi Blue Version (aka Campaign Version)CAVE1GENGrand prize for Japanese Sega Saturn DDP score trial. 1 PCB was given to the winner, and at least 2 more PCB:s was displayed at the Matsuri. Prototype for Daioujou.
12/28/06Mushihimesama ver 1.5 Blue LabelCAVESH3Only playable at one Cave Festival. No Maniac mode.
12/28/06Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.5 Red LabelCAVESH3Playable at a Cave Festival and 3 PCBs were given away to top scorers.
12/28/06Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.01CAVESH3Playable at a Cave Festival, later included in X360 home port as DLC
12/30/07Guwange Blue LabelCAVECustomPlayable at a Cave Festival, later included in Guwange XBLA port.
12/30/07Muchi Muchi Pork! Dai Cave Festival Special VersionCAVESH3Playable at a Cave festival. Includes Pink Sweets bosses at the end of each stage. It is included as DLC in the PS/MMP X360 port.
12/30/07Deathsmiles : DIE Cave Festival Special VersionCAVESH3Playable at a few Cave Festivals, includes a rank 99 difficulty. Prototype for DSMBL.
9/23/07Ketsui Blue VersionCAVEPGMPlayable at a Cave Festival.
8/15/08Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5 “Special”CAVESH3bPlayable at a Cave festival. Power-style only.
XX/XX/08Pink Sweets ~ Ibara SorekaraCAVESH3Strange & mysterious limited version sold to consumers for a brief period, with various gameplay changes. Bootup screen says MASTER VER xx/xx/06. Not known to exist in any Arcade in Japan or Asia.
10/30/10Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.51CAVESH3bPlayable at a Cave Meeting. Included in the DDPDFK 1.5 X360 port.
11/19/10Akai Katana Limited VersionCave Online ShopSH3bHome version PCB. Stuck in free play-mode.

Puzzle games

ReleaseTitleDeveloperHardwareOther notes
xx/xx/98Uo PokoJaleco1GEN
09/xx/05 MushihimetamaAMISH3