Mushihimesama Futari PCB

Welcome to the PCB database section, where we list serial numbers. The reason for this database is to get some kind of idea on how many PCB:s and production runs CAVE made for each of their arcade game. Do you want to participate? Please submit your PCB serial number in the following form.

#SerialOwnerOther infoVersion
CA-71000LimpanVer. 1.5
CA-21302LimpanVer. 1.0
CA-30704StomppVer. 1.52006/12/8 MASTER VER 1.54
CA-01102Seen at Neo-Arcadia
CA-01301Seen at TRY
CA-50902Seen at YJ
CA-90709Seen at YJ
CA-10800Seen at Arcade OtakuVer. 1.5
CA-51700blommanVer. 1.5
CA-51801sandVer. 1.5
CA-81307KmanSwedenVer. 1.5
CA-81603Seen at YJ
CA-90702Seen at TopsSeen 2/28/2021
CA-81602Digmac2006/12/8 MASTER VER 1.54.